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Shoshannah Buxbaum is a multimedia journalist based in New York City. Her focus is on telling narrative-driven stories about health, politics, culture and beyond. She's currently guest hosting Utah Public Radio's weekly science show UnDisciplined. She's also reported features, news spots and a half-hour special for UPR. Before that she spent nearly six years at NJ PBS where she worked her way up from intern to producer.

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Utah Public Radio - Reporter

Project Resilience—Through The Screen: Disability, Aging And Technology 

I hosted, reported, produced, mixed and sound designed a half hour audio documentary about how seniors and people with disabilities used technology to connect during the pandemic. My reporting was driven by personal narratives about topics ranging from getting hooked up to the internet for the first time to the hurdles and expanded opportunities of remote work. 


Some COVID Patients Just Aren’t Getting Better

I interviewed several COVID-19 patients, some as young as 24-years-old, who had what they thought was a “mild” case of the virus. They were met with skepticism from doctors when they developed chronic and sometimes inexplicable symptoms. 

A New Push For Smaller Land Transfers

Nearly 70% of Utah's land is managed by the federal government. There have been several waves of momentum for the state to regain control over some of the land. Most recently, there's been a push to acquire smaller parcels of land to support Utah’s growing need for additional infrastructure and housing. 

DEBUNKED: A Look At How Harm Reduction Has Evolved In Utah

I reported this piece as part of Utah Public Radio’s podcast DEBUNKED, a 12-part series aimed at debunking myths about opioid addiction in an effort to better serve rural and tribal communities in Utah. 

Consumer Reports - Freelance Reporter 

How to Get Physical Therapy in the Middle of a Pandemic

NJ PBS - Producer

The gay community sparked a renaissance in Asbury Park

I conducted original reporting, booked interview subjects and compiled archival materials in conjunction with the reporter. 


The rich history of Montclair's Frog Hollow neighborhood

I contributed original reporting, conducted pre-interviews and archival research.


NJTV News Special Report: Bridgegate Trial Verdict

I booked guests, selected sound bites, and produced live shots. 

On The Record: The Christie Exit Interview

I provided editorial guidance on interview questions, served as primary liaison with the governor's office and coordinated day-of production logistics. 

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